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Connector is a liquid 30% Fulvic acid complex.  It is designed to be used in starter fertilizers at planting time, added to irrigation water during the growing season, and used with foliar applied nutrients.  When used with starter fertilizer it acts as a buffer between applied phosphate and soil Calcium.  When Calcium attaches to phosphate materials it become increasingly unavailable.  When used with irrigation applied nutrients it helps hold them in the root zone giving the plant a better chance of absorption.  When used with foliar applied nutrients it helps the plant food get into the plant more rapidly.  Connector increases the availability of all di-valent cations, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Ferrous iron, and Ferric iron in the soil.

A good soil sample run through our recommendation program will establish the amount to use.  The recommended amount will vary from 2 quarts/acre to 8 quarts/acre.

Approximate Connector element analysis
Element (%)            Connector
C                                              40.7
H                                             3.80
N                                             0.90
S                                              0.10
O                                             39.7
K                                              3.00
It is recommended that all our customers run a Total Organic Carbon, (TOC), on all Humic Substances to assure you are getting what you are paying for.  A good rule of thumb for determining active ingredient is to multiply TOC times 4.
Product comparisons
Material                                                       %TOC
Fulmax                                                          2.20
Fulvic 6000                                                  0.09
Connector                                                   7.52
Quantum H                                                    1.65


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